**********Tourism is now closed, we are currently building a new and larger forested enclosure.  Please check back regularly to find out whether we have resumed tourism activities at the PGFV Sanctuary.  Thankyou*****************

One of the Projet Gorille Fernan-Vaz's objectives is to raise awareness on the plight of great apes at the local, national and international levels.  Only through education can relevant action be taken to protect wild great ape populations and to promote the sustainable management of tropical forest ecosystems.   Responsible and low-impact tourism provides an opportunity for an educational, yet enjoyable, experience. 

    As victims of the bushmeat trade, gorillas at the PGFV Sanctuary act as important ambassadors for great ape conservation in Africa.  They allow visitors to view native wild-born gorillas non-invasively, but also present the PGFV gabonese staff an opportunity to sit down with visitors in order to raise awareness on gorilla conservation in Gabon.  

    BE ADVISED: Gorilla viewing is strictly limited to the Sanctuary gorillas who reside within a naturally-forested enclosure.  These are not gorillas living in the wild. 

    Although the PGFV does not coordinate logistics for visitors to view the Sanctuary gorillas, it does collaborate with a few selected local ecotourism partners which can make reservations by contacting the PGFV at least 48 hours in advance (the PGFV will not accomodate last-minute or unannounced visits to avoid undue stress on the gorillas).   Once at Evengue-Ezango island (where the PGFV Sanctuary is located), PGFV staff will provide a conservation lecture and dicussion session to all visitors prior to each visit.    

Traveling from Libreville to the Fernan-Vaz: 

    From Libreville to Port-Gentil: 

           By air* (30 minutes, approx. 80,000 Fcfa one-way) 
           By boat (4-6 hours, approx. 28,000 Fcfa one-way) 

    *For updated information of national airline companies, go to the following     
    link(Libreville airport): www.adlgabon.com

    From Port-Gentil to Omboué (Omboué is 20 minutes from the PGFV): 

           By boat (3-6 hours, prices vary according to the tourism operator) 
           Contact info : www.hotelolako.com or www.loango-safari.com

    From Omboué to the PGFV: 

            By boat (20 minutes) 
            Contact info: www.hotelolako.com or www.loango-safari.com

Gorilla Visit Fees and Regulations: 

    All visit fees need to be paid prior to each visit directly to the PGFV tour guide  (one of PGFV's gorilla keeper who knows the gorillas) who will accompany you throughout the visit.  Fees (Dec. 2012) are as follows: 

                Adults:                                   15,000 Fcfa 
                Children (less than 15 yrs):      7,500 Fcfa     
                Masks (for children):               500 Fcfa              
                All native nationals:                Free 

    Visit regulations will be explained to all visitors prior to each visit.  The PGFV reserves all rights to cancel a visit should a gorilla be sick or stressed OR if visitors are late (since 1. gorillas require routine and 2. gorillas cannot be disturbed during feeding times).   A visit can then be re-scheduled.  A typical visit will last about 90 minutes (including the discussion session), but can be shorter if gorillas show signs of being stressed.  

    Looking forward to seeing you soon! 

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