The Stichting SCD Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Project Foundation was inaugurated on October 8th, 2009 with the following objectives: 

1. To protect and preserve the biodiversity of central 
    Africa including wild western lowland gorillas

2. To provide a safe and secure future for western lowland 
    gorillas rescued as victims of the bushmeat trade in Gabon,
    central Africa;    

The Foundation's board of directors* is constituted of: 

President:         Mr. Rombout Swanborn 

Treasurer:         Ms. Saskia De Kinkelder 

Secretary:         Ms. Tienke Vermeinden 

Advisor:            Dr. Nicholas Bachand 

* All members of the board are volunteers 

For any additional information, please contact:
Nick Bachand, DVM, Msc., PhD candidate (wildlife epidemiolgy)